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Drain Snaking and Repair

King of drains has the latest snaking equipment for removing of stubborn blockages in any size drain
pipe. Our technicians won’t leave until the job is complete, the drain is clear, and your home or business
is tidier than when we arrived.

Camera Inspections and Locates

Whether you’re buying a new property, or are experiencing issues with your drain we always recommend a camera inspection. King of drains has CCTV inspection camera technology, not only to see where the problem is. We can also locate exactly where the problem is with pipe locating technology.


If you want your drains to be as clean as they were the day they were installed, give us a call! King of
drains has multiple size flushing units, which will blast away grease, scale buildup, tree roots and
whatever else has accumulated in your drain lines. Leaving them sparkling clean, and getting rid of any
odors caused by the buildup.


If you have a damp basement, or water entering your basement, you’ve come to the right place. Having
proper waterproofing is essential to home ownership. Keeping your basement dry and free from mold,
and possible damage to your personal belongings. We will always offer the best and most cost effective
solution to taking care of your waterproofing issues.

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